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Spring Fundraising Event, Mar 1-3

Spring is coming! The time of the year when every plant, animal, and human revives after long hibernation. Sharing the excitement of the upcoming Spring, we were invited to sell our gorgeous wine with a cause by Zaara Estate on 1-3 March, 2024, Largoto by the Mish Mash Fest team. 

Events like this are special and sometimes tiring for our on-ground team, so we decided to reach out to the largest volunteers’ organisation in Bulgaria -, and call for help. This event - sixth in our line of events, will be the first one that will count on volunteers almost entirely and we are twice as excited. If you ever wondered what’s the feel of being part of a Matter event, you can apply of it here:

Follow the Mish Mash Fest event here:

See you there: red, white wine and rose are on the table, along with our merch.

Save the dates.

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