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Fundraising Event, Feb 9-11

Everyone at some point, somewhere, loves someone. It's essential in this life to love at least one person - oneself. It's advisable to also love a second, a fifth, and so on - people endlessly, even though it doesn't always happen exactly like that. However, love is a constant, and we here at Matter celebrate it every day, and most loudly on Valentine's Day, of course, because for us the holiday is not only about romantic love but somehow about loving in general. Thus, we invite also the singles to:

Valentine's Mish Mash Market, which will be held exclusively on February 9-11 at Serdika Mall, -1 floor. Come to our booth with loving products, artisanal wine with a dual cause, and a treasured painting that must be seen and experienced to find its connoisseur.

The proceeds from the event will be allocated to achieve the ideal goals of the Matter Foundation - inclusion of people with special needs - inclusion done in the most pleasant way.

Save the dates.


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