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Launching the Matter Foundation

Every social enterprise deserves to be managed by a foundation. We don't have a foundation, but we want to establish one - with your help, if you decide to support us next Sunday, to be more effective in achieving our ideal goals.

On January 21st, Sunday, we invite you to the Phine wine lounge to present our long-term goals and the small steps towards achieving them. We will be waiting for you from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at 6th September Street, No. 37. [At 3:30 PM, we will lower the music for a brief presentation.]

We have prepared a donation box, a projector and our beautiful presentation, small bites, music, and stickers. For the wine - ask our wonderful hosts at the bar.

We are very excited because this step is important and it didn't come from us, but from you - the people we met over the past year and spoke with about spirit and matter together.

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