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About us

The Matter Foundation is a collective of passionate individuals, including mass communication experts, speech therapists, parents, and operational specialists, united by a shared vision. We strive to create inclusive environments, empowering those with special needs and fostering community engagement. Our diverse skills and experiences drive our innovative and heartful projects.

Our Mission 

The 'Matter' Foundation is dedicated to creating a society where every person is valued and included. Our mission is to provide an environment that facilitates and encourages the active participation of people often left out of social life. We focus our efforts on supporting individuals with special needs, offering them opportunities for employment in a protected environment and active participation in society.

In our work, we utilize various approaches: from organizing informational and educational campaigns to raise awareness about the uniqueness and value of each individual, to initiatives in the arts and entertainment industry, and providing free therapeutic services to community members. We are committed to encouraging and training people with special needs, helping them achieve greater independence and find their place in both the job market and community life.

Through the establishment of social cafés and the development of innovative initiatives in education and communication, we strive not only to support but also to include people who deviate from the norm in all aspects of social life.


Our goal is to create a world where differences are seen as a strength, not an obstacle, and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to society.

Our Initiatives

Our Partners 

We are proud to partner with a variety of organizations and individuals who share our vision for a better world. Our supporters include companies, volunteers, donors, and parents who are committed to making a positive impact. Join us in our mission to co-create a brighter future for all by becoming a partner or supporter.

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